Time management for students is something which is rarely, if ever, taught in school by teachers.

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Yet is one of the most beneficial tools that students can develop during their study years, and which will continue to be an excellent and worthwhile life skill for the future. Students are required, and expected, to be capable of balancing all of the various demands on their time. This includes studying, researching, writing, sporting activities and of course socializing, and yet all too often students procrastinate those activities which they feel unsure of this is because of their inability to effectively manage their time. Sometimes you’ll need some help with math homework, because you can’t meet your deadlines, sometimes you’ll be far away from home and won’t have an opportunity to make your assignment. Usually, students’ efficiency is poor, and as a result, their self-belief is eroded, meaning that many students feel unhappy, lacking in confidence about their abilities. The end product is work which is below the standard to which they could have aspired.

Essentially, time management for students is about striking a balance between all the various demands on their time, without sacrificing those aspects of their lives which are not purely academic. It is also about providing them with the ability to see exactly how they can achieve a high level of achievement. At the same time though, ensuring that it is realistic.

Indeed, only realistic strategies of time management for students are likely to ever be successful. Your best investment in future is to prepare for your online courses with proper literature. What is the most common reason given by students for why they have abandoned a plan that had been drawn up? It is that once the plan has been created, that is considered to be the end of the process, and that problems will miraculously resolve themselves. For students especially, realising that getting things done and effectively using time management techniques is not simply about drawing up a grand plan. It is a process which must be on-going, frequently monitored and adhered to honestly if it is to achieve the positive outcomes necessary.

Another issue where time management for students can become an issue is where the plans, graphic organizers and other systems become a task in themselves. They can easily start to form a distraction. This only adds to the already problematic procrastination for which students are so renowned.

Teachers can assist with helping students to understand the management of their time by developing and maintaining a class calendar. This draws attention to the amount of time available, and showing how larger tasks can be broken into smaller, more easily manageable ones. Most students also find that it is more beneficial to have three tiers of organization – short term, medium term and long term. Goal setting is important for long term understanding of “what it’s all for”. This aids focus and general direction, whereas the short term planning needs to be much more immediate and detailed.

Any system of time management for students must be simple to develop and maintain, simple to understand and realistically achievable. The main key must be in eliminating the tendency to procrastinate, which is the student’s worst enemy. Ultimately, schools would benefit from introducing time management as a taught discipline. This would empower students to take more control over their studies and lives, and improve the overall performance of the establishment.