Know exactly what the online university program offers. Find out how the online degree program they offer fits in to your future. There are many online university programs out there, but how do you know which one to choose. Well, there are several ways. First of all, they have to offer the online degree program you are interested in. That means that if you are interested in an online master’s degree program in business administration, you should be able to take classes in that.

How To Choose An Online University Program | Influenceswindon.comMake sure the online university offers the classes when you need them. Some online university programs only offer certain classes one semester out of the year. Find out what works for you. One online university that is recognized and accredited is the University Of Phoenix Online. This online university has many online degree programs available including an online master’s degree program. Some of the online master’s degree programs include an online master’s degree in accounting, an online master’s degree in business administration, and an online master’s degree in finance. There are other online university programs which offer unique online degree programs, so we urge you to look into several.

The Quality Of An Online University

Here is a list of questions students may want to ask of an online university.

Online University Accreditation

Is the institution or online university accredited by an established and respected accreditation body?

Online University Admissions Requirements

  • What are the age, experience, academic qualifications, GMAT (if required), skills, or knowledge prerequisites (technical/academic)?
  • What exemptions or course waivers are possible?
  • Are there any language prerequisites?
  • What is the registration process (on line/ in person)?

Online University Structure And Delivery

  • Is the program lock-step (fixed curriculum and set cohort with a prescribed course progression)?
  • Are there opportunities for electives?
  • Are there opportunities to exit and reenter the program?

Online University Academic Support

  • Is the program designed and delivered by regular faculty members of the institution?
  • What is the availability of academic support services, such as counseling, advising, tutoring, and placement?
  • Is there some form of help-desk/help-line facility available to distance learners?
  • What access to library materials and databases is provided by the school?
  • Is all required software provided?

Online University Performance Expectations

What performance expectations are placed upon students concerning deadlines for assessment, study time requirements, active participation, and face-to-face attendance?

Online University Interaction

  • How do student-to-student and student-to-faculty interactions occur?
  • What is the mix between face-to-face and electronic interaction?

Online University Completion Rate

  • What proportion of students complete the program?
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
  • Is there a time limit to complete the program?
  • Why do students not complete the program?

Online University Technical Support

  • What are the technical support resources available (initial/ongoing)?
  • What are hardware and software requirements for the program?
  • What prior technical competencies are needed?

Online University Payment Policies

  • What is included in the price (books, meals, accommodations, Internet access, travel)?
  • What is the expected payment schedule?
  • What is the school’s policy for reimbursement of fees upon withdrawal?
  • What is the availability of financial aid/scholarships?